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AriusTek 4W LED Filament Bulb (40W Equivalent) A19 Shape

AriusTek 4W LED Filament Bulb (40W Equivalent) A19 Shape
AriusTek 4W LED Filament Bulb (40W Equivalent) A19 Shape AriusTek 4W LED Filament Bulb (40W Equivalent) A19 Shape
Product Code: AT4WFLED
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AriusTek A19 4W LED Filament Light Bulb Soft White 2700K, 40-watt Equivalent

4 Watts, 440 Lumen, 2700K soft white, 82 CRI, A19 shape, 120 VAC
360° light pattern, similar look and feel to incandescent light
30,000 hour life, mercury-free, no hum, no flicker and no UV
Durable glass, plastic and aluminium construction, non-dimmable
5 year limited warranty, 24/7 email support

Incandescent Light Quality

-Designed to replicate incandescent light, while giving true 360 degree light output.
-Equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, we also sell 60W and 75W equivalents.
-Uses LED filament technology to give it a rated 30,000 hour life, or 25-30 times the life of an incandescent.
-Our LED filament bulbs turn on instantly to full brightness with no delay.


-If you use the bulb for 3 hours a day at 11c/kWh, it will cost you just $0.48 per year. Compare that to a 40W incandescent which would run you $4.80 a year.
-It will save you around $120 compared to a 40W incandescent bulb at 11c/KwH over its life.
-Our 4W LED filament bulb consumes 90% less energy than a 40W incandescent, while giving the same amount of light.
-Save even more when you take advantage of our quantity purchase discounts shown below the price. Whether you are replacing just 1 bulb or your entire house, this bulb will save you money.


-Lessen the impact on our environment and reduce landfill waste.
-Mercury free, making them much safer around kids and pets than those curly CFL bulbs.

Made Better

-We use thicker LED filaments in our bulbs to give better quality and brighter light.
-The bulb's glass will feel warm but stay cooler than normal LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or CFL bulbs which can be very hot to the touch.
-Solid glass, aluminium, and plastic construction ensures a durable bulb at a fraction the weight of normal LED bulbs with their metal cooling blocks.

5 Year Limited Warranty
-Rest assured, all of our LED filament bulbs come with a 5 year warranty, if it goes out we will replace it.

Try our AriusTek LED filament bulb side-by-side with our competitors and you will see there is no comparison.

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