The beginning

AriusTek LLC was founded in 2011 with one basic principle in mind, bring innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to under-served markets. At a very young age AriusTek's founder Trevor Santarius built his own home theater projector. With a few basic instructions Trevor took apart an LCD panel, fastened in a series of lenses and wired a big metal halide bulb inside a very large wooden box that may have been considered somewhat of an eyesore compared to the commercial alternatives. It did have one thing going for it though, it worked and was a fraction the cost of retail.

Skip ahead a decade and we brought our first LED projector to market, with a long life light-source that budget-minded customers were in desperate need of. With no retail storefront we instead chose to put our profits into research and innovation while maintaining a great relationship with our manufacturer. We were able to continually improve upon our projectors and ensure they were high quality units. The third and last model was the XRT-2700 LED projector, it broke into Amazon's top 30 bestsellers in the projector category over the holiday season in 2012, no small feat in an industry surrounded by big-name technology giants.

Seeing the light

In early 2014 we made a difficult choice to say goodbye to the projector market and discontinued all of our models. We had been working on a side project that we decided to pursue full time and simply could not simultaneously continue our projector operations. We took every penny we made selling projectors and focused it entirely onto our new product. Say hello to the LED filament bulb, we took our expertise working with LEDs in our projectors and put it into our new light bulbs. We introduced three LED filament bulbs in early September of 2014, being the first company to bring to the north American market a 6W (60W equivalent) and 8W (75W equivalent) LED filament bulb. We rigorously tested our bulbs over the last year to make sure they were the best and most reliable bulbs we could put in people's homes and businesses. While still using LED technology our LED filament bulbs are rated to last 30,000 hours and give off a 360° glow similar to a traditional incandescent light bulb.

The future

There are approximately 30-50 light bulbs in the average American home, our hope is you try out an LED filament bulb in just one of your light fixtures, we know that after you see the energy savings and familiar incandescent light quality they put out you will soon change out more. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee if you want your old incandescent back, but don't blame the energy bill on us. We believe the future of lighting does not have to be marked by the cold glow of a typical LED bulb or a CFL, and our LED filament bulbs will help show you they are the true successor to the incandescent bulb.